Shin-Yiing Yeung


Shin-Yiing Yeung started exploring yoga and meditation in 1998. Since becoming a teacher in 2008, she has enjoyed teaching a therapeutic-based style of yoga to better serve all age groups as well as individuals with medical conditions, or previous injuries/surgeries. She encourages her students to use their yoga practice as a means to transfer mind-body awareness from the yoga mat into their daily activities at work, home, or even when training for sports. Techniques on reducing neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee pain are commonly emphasized in her classes along with postural alignment and breathing techniques for stress-relief and core-stengthening. Additionally, she offers customized modifications to poses to help her students adjust to their changing bodies and to maintain a safe and sustainable yoga practice as they age. During her Doctorate of Physical Therapy training (2010-2013), she conducted a research study on self-reported accounts of yoga-related injuries. Results will be presented in a poster at a national conference hosted by the American Physical Therapy Association’s this February.