Kate Millen

Kate is a certified Pilates instructor who has been studying the ‘mind body’ connection for 20+ years. She is an accomplished Yoga Therapeutics instructor who has achieved ERYT-500 status. Kate is also a Healing Touch Apprentice, and Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA). She created Giving Tree Wellness to offer innovative mind-body yoga and Pilates therapeutics.

In Kate’s previous career she worked as a chemist for 15 years.  She has studied thousands of hours with many experts in the field of health and fitness. Before relocating to the Nashville-area she owned and operated Giving Tree Wellness center in Chapel Hill, NC. She has also worked in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals and psychotherapy centers, teaching workshops, seminars and yoga therapeutics. Kate has clinical experience as PTA which she uses when working with special populations that need extra care and attention.

Kate’s extensive knowledge of anatomy informs her teaching and gives her the ability to intuitively read each client’s body. She teaches with an emphasis on micro-alignment, slow transitions, and awareness of breath. This focus addresses the mind-body network by recalibrating the nervous system and helping with chronic pain and neuro-emotional issues.

Kate has a sweet sense of humor, and encourages a playful approach to practice, while challenging her students. She has deep appreciation of the transformative power of movement. Her goal is to support students as they become more aware of their asymmetries helping them heal and strengthen their minds and bodies.


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