In an Elemental Yoga class, you will experience a mindful vinyasa practice incorporating breath work, attention to the transitions between poses, innovative use of props, creative sequencing, and an emphasis on core body strength and awareness. This alignment-based vinyasa system helps ignite intelligence in the tissues of the body which permeates your entire being. Elemental Yoga vinyasa also addresses asymmetries and injuries, promoting freedom and space on physical, mental, and energetic levels. While physically challenging, Elemental Yoga’s focus on anatomy and alignment makes it accessible and safe for practitioners of all levels.


Class Description:

A fusion of flow yoga and bodywork, this unique approach features frequent isometric stretches, innovative use of props, and creative sequencing. Synergizing long holds with a slow flow of poses seamlessly linked by the breath and extensive alignment instruction, every class is custom-designed around the specific needs and requests of the students, to promote myofascial release and expansion while enhancing students’ self-knowledge and body awareness in order to shift long-held patterns of thought and movement.